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Migraine Mimics Stroke Symptoms

When a respected reporter lost her coherence during a live news report, that loss of control became a news item.

It was a video event that went viral almost immediately. Serene Branson, a two-time Emmy award nominee and a reporter for KCBS-TV started speaking gibberish in the middle of her live broadcast outside of the Grammys and everyone took notice.




Small Cell Technologies for Cell and Data Transmission

Our landscape has become dotted with ugly, but necessary, cell phone towers. However, the wireless communications industry has come up with smaller, more efficient transmitters that may change the need for the tall ungainly structures.

cube replaces cabinet



Apophis - Planet Killer or Near Miss?

Scientists for NASA and Russia have produced conflicting reports about the probability of the asteroid Apophis hitting the Earth. Apophis, which is 270 meters or 900 feet long, is large enough to be considered a planet killer. The predicted date for Apophis to hit Earth is 2036.

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